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New and RevisedCouple Care MarriagePreparation Manual

Penny and I are excited to announce that the new, revised, Canadian Best Seller, Couple Care Marriage Preparation Manual, used by over 500 pastors across Canada, USA, Great Britain and Australia as their preferred resource in preparing couples for marriage,has been printed and is available for immediate orders.


  • Additional truths from leading marital therapists (i.e. Dr. John Gottman) backed up by Scripture and illustrated through personal examples and humour. (i.e. Building Positivity in to Marriage)
  • A new section discussing the impact of Pornography on men and women. Today’s young adults are the first generation to have grown up with digital technology in their homes from birth. They are the first therefore to have their brains rewired, for better or worse, by 24/7 digital communication.
  • A return to 6 chapters to coincide with 6 one hour premarital counselling sessions.
  • A seventh chapter on remarriage remains.
  • A new cover colour scheme.
  • Personal pictures and words of encouragement from young married couples.
  • Testimonials of pastors/leaders from a variety and denominational backgrounds.
  • Same day service. Book orders will be placed in the mail the same day.
  • Original Couple Care Marriage Preparation Manual available in Spanish.

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“I’ve just read your book and found it very helpful. My wife and I have been married 16 years and we actually want to sit down together and work our way through it. I believe your terrific book will help us not only in our relationship but other relationships as well, including our relationship with our children.”
- Lieutenants Lisa and Rod Wynne, Pastors/Corps Officers, The Salvation Army, Surrey Hills, Australia

“As a pastor of the Christian & Missionary Alliance for some 34 years this resource comes as a refreshing and practical help for busy pastors. The way in which you have arranged the material is helpful and interactive. Couples of all ages including those who choose to remarry have indicated thanks for the hands on use of this manual. I would recommend its use by any counselor who wishes to furnish couples with good tools that help frame a good marriage. Today we need to offer couples Biblical help that they can take with them for life. This manual accomplishes that feature. Thanks for the gift of this good work. I will continue to use it here. In fact, our present Intern was one of the couples I walked through this material.”
- Pastor Ernest Gray, Nanaimo Alliance