Title Author Hits
Stuck on a Feeling Hits: 1690
When opposites attract Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1877
Money Matters Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1648
For better or for worse Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1743
"And the two shall be one" Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1581
Spirituality and sex Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1872
Marital myths Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1630
Forgiveness Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1940
Conflict Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1838
Communication Written by Bob Armstrong Hits: 1773

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“Everyone wants an amazing love relationship.  Getting there through a great marriage takes commitment, patience, sacrifice, a lot of support, and a solid spiritual foundation.  I recommend The Couple Care Marriage Preparation Manual as a resource for pastors and mentors who want to prepare couples for marriage through Christ centered instruction and discovery.  Bob & Penny Armstrong have leveraged their marriage and parent experience with their pastor and counsellor wisdom to give us a practical and valuable tool for guiding couples toward an amazing marriage!”
- Steve Berg, Former Conference Minister for the BCMB/Current

“As a pastor of the Christian & Missionary Alliance for some 34 years this resource comes as a refreshing and practical help for busy pastors. The way in which you have arranged the material is helpful and interactive. Couples of all ages including those who choose to remarry have indicated thanks for the hands on use of this manual. I would recommend its use by any counselor who wishes to furnish couples with good tools that help frame a good marriage. Today we need to offer couples Biblical help that they can take with them for life. This manual accomplishes that feature. Thanks for the gift of this good work. I will continue to use it here. In fact, our present Intern was one of the couples I walked through this material.”
- Pastor Ernest Gray, Nanaimo Alliance